Organizational Data Literacy Maturity Assessment

Data LiteracyOrganizational

This assessment will assess your organization’s data literacy maturity. It is 16 questions organized into 5 dimensions: organizational culture and strategy, organizational processes, data and analytics, tools and technology, and knowledge and learning programs.

Individual Data Literacy Assessment

Data LiteracyIndividual

This a quick way to assess your foundational data literacy skills and mindsets, regardless of what role you play with data. This individual assessment is 22 questions organized into 6 dimensions: understand data, interpret business requirements, create and interpret visualizations, apply the human element of data literacy, communicate with data, and mindsets.

Organizational Analytics Capabilities & Readiness Assessment


This assessment offers organizations a structured tool to gauge their current analytics maturity and readiness. By evaluating key areas like data integrity, technical proficiency, governance, and strategic alignment, it provides insights into the most suitable analytics structure—centralized, balanced, or decentralized.

Organizational Data Dexterity Maturity Assessment

Data MaturityOrganizational

Discover where your organization stands on the journey to data mastery. Our Data Dexterity Maturity Assessment is designed to help you evaluate your organization's proficiency in handling and leveraging data across five key stages: Data Literacy, Data Proficiency, Data Expertise, Data Agility, and Data Dexterity.

Individual AI Skills Proficiency and Development Assessment


This assessment is designed to help individuals reflect on their expertise and identify areas for growth in the context of AI and data science. It covers key areas such as technical proficiency, data literacy, problem-solving abilities, business acumen, and more. This assessment will provide insights into your current capabilities and highlight opportunities where you can expand your knowledge and skills.

AI Organizational Readiness Assessment


This assessment will evaluate an organization's preparedness for integrating artificial intelligence into its operations. It covers key areas such as digital capabilities, data management, security, talent, strategy, and more. This assessment will help organizations align their AI initiatives with business objectives, ensuring they are well-equipped to leverage AI for innovation and competitive advantage. The results can identify strengths, gaps, and areas for improvement, paving the way for strategic planning and successful AI adoption.

Data Citizen Self-Assessment

Data CitizenIndividual

This assessment is designed to help you gauge your current level of confidence and familiarity with key concepts and skills related to being an effective data citizen in today's data-rich world. This self-assessment will provide you with a starting point to understand your strengths and identify areas where you may need to focus your learning. The assessment covers a wide range of topics, from basic data concepts to more advanced applications and ethical considerations.

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