• Data Literacy Blueprint
    Data Literacy Blueprint for Individuals

    Data literacy is more than just number-crunching; it's a crucial 21st-century skill encompassing both technical and soft skills. This blueprint provides a structured approach with three pillars: Fostering a Data Mindset, Building Data Skills, and Enabling Data-Informed Decisions. The blueprint covers everything from data collection to decision-making, offering competency matrices, real-world examples, and exercises. Designed for students to professionals, the blueprint is a roadmap to becoming data literate in our digital age.

    • Data Literacy
    • Framework
  • The Future of Work
    The Future of Work in a Data-Driven Economy: Preparing Today's Workforce

    This explores how the increasing adoption of data analytics, artificial intelligence, and other digital technologies is fundamentally transforming work across industries. As businesses implement more data-driven systems, the skills required for most roles are rapidly evolving. This has profound implications for workers, employers, educators, and policymakers.

    • Future of Work
  • Guide 1 Thumbnail
    Augmenting Human Cognition with Generative AI for Informed Decision-Making

    This workbook demonstrates how data consumers can seamlessly integrate Socratic questioning with generative AI tools. It outlines strategies to frame questions effectively, guide AI-generated inquiries, and iteratively refine analysis by addressing each layer of inquiry. By using AI as a thought partner to stimulate alternative viewpoints and scrutinize underlying logic, data consumers can foster a richer understanding of complex issues, fortify their decision-making process, and contribute to the evolution of responsible and informed analytical practices.

    • AI Literacy
  • Data-informed Decision-making
    Should Organizations Enable Business Teams to Do Their Own Analytics? Analytics Transformation. From IT Bottleneck to Insights Engine

    Data-informed decision-making is becoming critical across all levels of modern organizations. This raises the question of whether to equip business units with analytics skills or centralize this capability within IT and analytics teams. This examines the pros and cons of decentralized analytics versus centralized analytics approaches.

    • Data-informed Decision-Making
  • Data Literacy Blueprint Guide
    The Impact of Data Literacy on Misinformation Susceptibility

    This workbook examines the hypothesis that enhancing data literacy skills among the general populace can reduce susceptibility to misinformation. With the proliferation of misinformation in digital media, equipping people with skills to critically analyze data and claims is imperative. This highlights the connections between data literacy, critical thinking, and misinformation resilience. It proposes educational interventions to improve data literacy across age groups and measurable outcomes for evaluating effectiveness.

    • Data Literacy

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