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We are committed to empowering professionals to elevate their understanding and application of data through a robust offering of webinars. These webinars are meticulously designed to integrate critical thinking with data-driven methodologies, helping attendees transform raw data into actionable insights and informed decisions.

Our diverse range of topics includes skills-based topics, like emotional intelligence, systems thinking, strategic analysis, and data literacy, as well as explorations of tools and frameworks for data literacy and data-informed decision-making. This comprehensive approach aligns perfectly with our mission to equip professionals with the skills to not only understand data but to wield it wisely.

Subscribers get access to all recorded webinars listed below. All webinars are between 45-60 minutes in length. These cover generic examples, and do not include any hands-on components, but can be customized with specific examples and hands-on activities when delivered to specific organizations as workshops.

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Demystifying Data Literacy?

Uncover the fundamentals of data literacy, exploring the essential skills needed to navigate today's data-informed environment effectively.

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Essential Skills for Today's Workforce

Identify critical workplace skills that integrate adaptability, creative thinking, and systems awareness to thrive in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

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The Art and Science of Data-informed Decisions

Dive into the methodologies that merge intuitive and analytical thinking to foster sound, data-informed decision-making in any organizational role.

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Creating a Data-Informed Mindset

Learn to cultivate a mindset that emphasizes critical evaluation of data, enabling informed decisions over intuitive responses.

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Systems Thinking

Explore how to apply systems thinking to recognize complex interdependencies and improve strategic planning and problem-solving.

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Critical Thinking with Data

Develop the ability to question assumptions and use data critically to generate insights, enhancing your decision-making processes.

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Emotional Intelligence

Enhance your workplace interactions and leadership skills by understanding and managing emotions effectively in yourself and others.

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Using Data for Design Thinking

Learn the transformative, human-centered problem-solving approach of design thinking and gain practical tools to drive innovation in your work and personal life through this comprehensive webinar.

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Strategic Analysis - Internal and External Analysis

Learn how to conduct a strategic analysis by analyzing both internal factors and external factors to develop effective strategies for organizational and personal development.

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Strategic Analysis - SWOT and Strategic Alternatives

COMING SOON. Learn how to conduct a strategic analysis using the SWOT framework, prioritizing and aligning your findings with organizational strategies to develop strategic alternatives and action plans.

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Aligning Strategy with Action. Using Logic Models and Theories of Change

Learn how to use logic models and theories of change to systematically plan and implement strategic initiatives by breaking down goals into manageable steps, identifying necessary resources and activities, and creating a visual roadmap that aligns day-to-day work with broader organizational objectives.

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Developing KPIs and Measurement Frameworks

Learn the process of developing effective key performance indicators (KPIs) by explaining the difference between leading and lagging indicators, providing frameworks for identifying the right KPIs, and discussing strategies to ensure they remain aligned with organizational goals while avoiding unintended consequences.

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Introduction to Data Analysis

COMING SOON. Gain essential skills in data analysis techniques to confidently navigate through data, identify trends, and make impactful decisions based on factual insights.

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Introduction to Decision Intelligence

COMING SOON. Learn what decision intelligence is and how to identify situations and decisions that would benefit from decision intelligence solutions.

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Augmenting Human Cognition with Generative AI


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Developing an AI Strategy


If you are interested in seeing our full catalog or learning more about how these can be customized, please visit our training and workshop page.

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