Tools and Frameworks

This page provides a comprehensive showcase of frameworks, models, tools, and checklists related to data literacy and data-informed decision-making.

The Data Literacy Blueprint for Individuals

Data Literacy

A practical guide to help individuals build critical skills in data literacy, ethics, and informed decision-making for personal empowerment in the digital age.

The Data-Informed Decision-Making Process


This comprehensive checklist leads you through a structured process, ensuring that every decision is backed by solid data, critical analysis, and the essential human element to ensure well-rounded decisions.

The PROMPT Framework


The PROMPT method provides a 7-step guide to engineering ethical, effective prompts that optimize your AI interactions.

Effective Visualization Design


This checklist is a guide designed to help creators of visualizations validate their effectiveness and accessibility.

Decoding Visualizations

Data Interpretation

This framework leads readers through a checklist to thoroughly evaluate key aspects of data visualizations, empowering individuals to interpret information accurately and avoid potential manipulation or misinterpretation.

The DataStory Framework


The DataStory framework provides communicators an adaptive framework for crafting resonant data stories tailored to diverse stakeholders and contexts

The Insight Evaluation and Impact Matrix

Data Interpretation

The Insight Evaluation and Impact Matrix guides individuals in critically assessing and interpreting data, information, and insights by providing a structured approach to evaluating the validiity, reliability, relevance, timeliness, ethics, and impact of data.COMING SOON

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