Using Data to Make Better Business Decisions from the New Direction Podcast

Kevin Hanegan was recently featured on the New Direction Podcast with Jay Izzo.

When we hear the word "Data," we first think of numbers. And too often we believe that the "numbers" make the decision for us. The fact is that analytics and statistics only tell us part of the story and if the "input" is wrong up front, the resulting "data" will mislead us into making bad decisions. Kevin Hanegan author of Turning Data Into Wisdom joins us on this episode of A New Direction. Kevin will give you deep insights into how we need to be careful with the numbers we see in everyday life. And take a close look at our biases when it comes to looking at the data and other errors we make with "data."

Further Kevin and I explore how we misinterpret data and how we can be more conscious of our misinterpretations. In his book, Turning Data Into Wisdom Kevin encourages us to have a healthy bit of skepticism. We should always question the results we are presented with on TV. In fact, we need to get better at challenging statistics rather than trying to find ways to verify what we believe. Because that is bias. And when we are biased the last thing we are doing is Turning Data into Wisdom Whether that be for our lives or our business.

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